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Thursday, September 22, 2011

WoW~~  There are some MEAN women out there!

So, I saw  bow that I really liked and wanted to make one.  Someone was selling instructions for $7.50.  I will not buy these, and can't afford to buy them, so I figured out how to make a similar bow.  Well, I am a member of a forum about hair bows and I told them on the forum that I would post a free tutorial on this bow (it is listed on here as the PoP Bow).
Some of these women got so MAD and mean, and some of them are the friends of the woman that created the tutorial you have to pay for.
To try to ease their minds, I let them know that I knew that my instructions were NOTHING like that of the ones' being sold.  Well, that set off a whole other argument.  I was then being accused of buying the tutorial so that I could make one and GIVE it AWAY.  That doesn't even make sense.
What happened, is that I decided to talk to a "Senior Member" from that forum that had stated that she had "bought the tutorial and kicking myself in the butt for doing so".  I spoke to here, sent her a copy of my tutorial and asked her if they were anything alike?  She said no.  So, I posted a ling to this blog and told the ladies that they could get it here if they wanted..
THEN, I was accused of starting this blog JUST for the specific reason of posting ONE FREE tutorial.  OH and it was mentioned, "Just look at the name of the blog she created for this, "Moore's Mischief"
Then the girl gave a big long list of the different meanings of mischief.
As if I would take the little time that I have to create this blog just to put these instructions up.  Ridiculous!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this tutorial.  Please post any opinions that you have about it.  It is not the same as the other "paid" tutorial.  And, I'm new at making hair bows, so the other tutorial is most likely more simple than mine.  BUT.............mine is FREE!!
God Bless.  Today, I am going to try to stay away from chaos!!

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