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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


PoP Bow FREE Tutorial:

I mention to start out with 7 inches of ribbon.  I did find this to be TOO long for the desired effect.  You should probably start out with a little less, maybe 5 inches to get a more full bow.
Please leave comments about what you think.  Please also view the Post "WoW~~There are some mean women out there".  I did not in anyway copy this tutorial, I have not seen, read, or been told about any paid tutorial of a bow that is similar to this bow.  I did have someone that has bought the other tutorial, look over this to tell me if they were the same, and I was told that they are, in fact, nothing alike.  So, I claim ownership of this tutorial and this BOW.  COPYWRITE 09/20/2011



  2. I like this bow. I have never seen one where you start in the middle of the ribbon. thanks, barb

  3. I just made one and it worked and it's cute. it will be glued to a clip and I will give it to my youngest granddaughter.